Instead of coming up with reasons I couldn’t attend or serve, I looked for ways to say yes.

Ben Prince connected with Brookside CDC through God Behind Bars, a ministry of Northview Church, one of Brookside Church’s partners. After his release from the New Castle Correctional Facility, Ben visited Brookside. What he experienced astonished him.

“The level of love and support I got from people who were essentially strangers showed me just how much God was working in my life.”

At the time, Ben was living in a camper parked in a friend’s driveway. He needed another option. Enter Brookside’s Isaiah House, an intentional discipleship community for men seeking to successfully integrate back into society.

He applied for the 12-month program and was accepted. “It happened mostly by obedience,” Ben said. “All I really did was show up to whatever I was invited to. Instead of coming up with reasons I couldn’t attend or serve, I looked for ways to say ‘yes’.”

Saying “yes” to the opportunities God presented is still making a difference in Ben’s life. As part of his program at Isaiah House, Ben has been in therapy for untreated post-traumatic stress disorder. Those sessions are helping him prepare for his life after he completes the program.

Ben feels called to minister to those unreached by the Gospel. “That's mostly confirmed by God placing other missionaries in my life, many of whom I met at Brookside.” But he notes that having a stable home has allowed him to focus on developing the skills and tools he’ll need to be that missionary for someone else.

“I’m most excited about continuing to walk in God’s purpose for my life,” Ben said, referring to Jeremiah 29:11, that assures him of God’s plan to give him “a future and a hope.”


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