June 2018 Reentry Update

Brookside Community Reentry continues its working of ministering to the hundreds of men and women that reenter our community from the criminal justice system each year. We offer programs like the Reentry Hub where participants can attend The Bridge Worship Service and receive services in the areas of employment, transportation assistance, education, and mentoring.

We are always seeking to develop new partnerships that will allow us to better serve those in our care. Each month there are a number of ways for individuals, businesses, and organizations to serve with us.

Currently, there are 53 men and women who are participants in Brookside Community Reentry programming. Through our Reentry Hub, they receive services that keep them from returning to the criminal justice system. By providing resources, referrals, and relationships in the areas of employment, transportation assistance, education, mentoring and addiction recovery, we are reducing recidivism in our community.

Biggest Needs: 

-      We are looking for volunteers to serve as a Bridge Coach in a mentoring relationship with our program participants. We currently have nine men awaiting placement with a Bridge Coach. You can sign up for volunteer opportunities here.

-      Please pray for Brookside Community Church’s newest ministry, 180 Xchange, a gospel-driven recovery program that meets every Friday at 5:45PM.

Andrew NealComment