Family Engagement Coordinator - Brookside Community Play

The Family Engagement Coordinator is responsible for the development, growth and quality of the Brookside CDC resources between Brookside Community Play, schools, and families. The Coordinator’s primary responsibility is to develop a bridge between Brookside Community Play and the schools and families being served. This position reports directly to the Play Director, who is responsible for his/her performance evaluations.

This is part-time, 32 hour/week position



Liaison between Brookside Community Play and Families:

  • Develop relationships with parents to empower them to be active in their child’s education and needs

  • Develop and run Parent Cafe which will inform participants on parent education and family development programs, resources in the community and child development information

  • Connect families with appropriate resources, referrals and relationships to help them overcome barriers

  • Invest in the development of the families by walking through referral processes, DCS cases, and other situations that participants are involved in

  • Maintain files for all parent meeting agendas, facilitators, presenters, and meeting attendance (e.g. parent sign-in sheets)

  • Maintain records of all parent participation in events and contact parents when they re not meeting the requirements of the program in a timely fashion

  • Maintain communication by verifying and continually updating contact names and numbers

  • Maintain a communication log for family interactions. Minimal of two interactions per week per session

  • Develop a resource manual for Play families

  • Facilitate Parent Orientation prior to each Play session

  • Communicate with families concerting Play schedules, events and procedures

  • Review and distribute Parent Reports as needed

Liaison between Play and School:

  • Develop relationship with key employees at schools where students attend (Social Worker, Secretary, Principal, Teachers)

  • Obtain records for students (IEP, 504 Plans, report cards, attendance records) to share with Play team

  • Foster a team culture with schools

  • Work with administrators to recruit and retain students

Program Operations:

  • Communicate with families reports of child’s behavior, success and needs during program sessions of After School Play and Education and Employment Academy.

  • Communicate with families regarding available community resources.

  • Input applications and maintain updated information for families in Samaritan database

Individual Competencies:

  • Team-driven approach to play an equal role in development and evaluation of the program

  • Eager to attend in-service trainings for professional development and lead others in professional development trainings

  • Be an active participant in the lives of children during programming times


  • Fluent in Spanish is preferred

  • Bachelor’s degree required with preference in Education, Social Work, Youth Ministry, or Urban Ministry

  • Experience working with urban children and youth

  • Prefer experience with trauma-informed care and youth mental health first aid

To Apply For This Position:

  • Email cover letter and resume to Andrew Neal (

  • Also include your response to the following questions:

    • What is attractive to you about working for a church-based non-profit?

    • Tell us about your passion for youth development from your own life experience.

    • Talk about a time that you came alongside a family or individual in a deep and meaningful way, to help them access resources, relationships and referrals to overcome life barriers. How did you combine an approach of case management and ministry?