Brookside Community Housing


Brookside Community Housing exists to provide dignity, stability, and accountability to both individuals and families that struggle with inconsistent and unreliable housing. With over 65% of the houses within a 10-block radius belonging to an out-of-city landlord, Brookside CDC desires to provide long-term stability to tenants through Gospel-centered relationships and strategic programming. We believe that through stable housing, families and individuals can begin to better overcome other obstacles such as education and employment.


11 individuals

served in 2 units


2 + 1 + 2

2 active housing units. 1 housing unit ready for rehabilitation. 
2 vacant lots ready for development.


60 volunteers

currently involved

Here's what we do

Brookside Community Housing serves both families and individuals that are actively involved in either Brookside Community Church or another Brookside CDC program. Program participants will be actively involved in other Brookside outreaches and ministries as well as take part in weekly housing meetings with the Housing Director.

Why housing works

The chaos that many of our families face is oftentimes perpetuated by the lack of safe and stable housing options within the neighborhood. Out-of-state landlords, slumlords, and abandoned houses have created a circle of generational poverty that few are able to escape from. Through the Brookside Community Housing initiative, families and individuals experience dignified housing that seeks to do more than just provide a roof over their heads. We desire to see each family member and individual experience the renewal and transformation that comes from walking life out in a Christian community. Through our partner resources, we are able to help men and women stabilize and experience long-term development in the areas of parenting, employment, financial counseling, and mentoring.

Who is impacted?

Housing opportunities are available to those within the Brookside Community Church family. As additional properties are acquired and renovated, additional families and individuals will find placement.

What is required?

Each participant must simply agree to walk out their development process with our staff and volunteer team.