June 2018 Housing Update

Brookside Community Housing provides safe and stable housing opportunities for families and individuals that are actively involved in Brookside Community Church or Brookside CDC programs. Participants experience stability and peace through the relationships and community that comes with being part of the Brookside family. Our housing program helps families and individuals build roots that are critical to overcoming the cycle of generational poverty that plagues our neighborhood. Currently, Brookside owns two duplex homes, two single-family homes, and two vacant lots. Purdue University’s College of Architecture has partnered in creating concept designs for single-family, duplex, and a large transitional living complex.

Over the past few months, we have purchased duplexes on N. Tuxedo St. and N. Ewing St. We are also excited to be working with Mission Indy this summer, who will be sending teams of youth to complete demolition work at some of our properties.

Biggest Needs:

-      Funding to complete existing housing projects that would allow us to provide safe housing for more families/individuals

-      Skilled laborers who could donate time and talents to housing projects

Andrew NealComment